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A. Galerie

Helene Jousse

photo exhibition

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Helene Jousse is a sculptor for twenty years. She trained with the artist and sculptor Alain Vuarchex and Brigitte Terzieff.

The human body, which she tried to extract the irreducible point of gravity, fed her quest for balance and imbalance for years. She escaped in four years ago to explore the mystery of that face she reduced to its simplest expression to discover that it continues tirelessly to deliver us his part of humanity.

She has worked for fifteen years with galleries and cultural spaces in France but also in Belgium (Brussels) in Switzerland (Vevey) and Singapore.

She realized the sculpture "l'une est l'avenir de l'autre " Trophy decerned to 300 personalities and signatories of the International Charter against cancer in 2000. Her sculpture will become in 2004 the logo of the National Institute of Cancer.

She takes the opportunities of unusual and exciting collaborations that arise. Her sculptures have made it possible to launch a range of body products for Shiseido. She also exhibited at and for the famous hairdresser colorer Christophe Robin.

Alexandre de Broca, painter, graphic designer and artistic director of animated films, directed "le petit monde intérieur" of its giant heads.

She says learn much about her own work and gain freedom everytime she asks to the children she meets annually in schools to sculpt.
She answers to the orders with curiosity, trying for example to understand what may well expect from those who ask her to make a sculpture of a tombstone.

She carved the tiny, some earthen silhouettes in aluminum or in paper not bigger than a finger, to achieve the monumental that led her to work the plaster and resin. Walking Passage Vivienne in Paris a few years ago, you have probably seen her gigantic sculpture "« un pont entre deux solitudes " ...

Whatever the context or place she exhibits: a gallery, a school, a public or private garden or a hotel ... what matters to her is “the look”. One that haunts her and that persists in her portraits without eyes. One of the visitor who passes and she wants to send to her vision.


photo 001.jpg Helene Jousse - photo exhibition

by Hélène Jousse

Résines, 160 & 170 cm

photo 002.jpg Helene Jousse - photo exhibition

Visage sorti d'un nuage
by Hélène Jousse

Résine,150 cm

photo 003.jpg Helene Jousse - photo exhibition

Visage en faction
by Hélène Jousse

Résine, 170 cm

photo 004.jpg Helene Jousse - photo exhibition

Ruban de Moebius
by Hélène Jousse

Résine, 115x90x45 cm

photo 005.jpg Helene Jousse - photo exhibition

Ruban d'Eden
by Hélène Jousse

Résine, 120x65x65 cm

photo 006.jpg Helene Jousse - photo exhibition

La vague
by Hélène Jousse

Résine, 150x65 cm

photo 007.jpg Helene Jousse - photo exhibition

Visages confondus
by Hélène Jousse

Résine, H 65 cm

photo 008.jpg Helene Jousse - photo exhibition

Visage sorti d'un arbre #1
by Hélène Jousse

Bronze, H 50cm

photo 009.jpg Helene Jousse - photo exhibition

Visage sorti d'un arbre #2
by Hélène Jousse

Bronze, H 50cm